Friday, March 5, 2010


Jumbo is a Great Pyrenees.  He wandered into Apple Valley, CA from the high desert in terrible shape and ended up in the kill shelter.  He was rescued by Sherree at Helping Paws, a wonderful small rescue there.  We found Jumbo soon afterwards at the OC Pet Expo and fell in love with him.  He was such a mess that he was selected at the show to be a demo dog for a company that sells pet grooming products.  They worked on him for about 90 minutes to clean him up!  We hesitated too long to commit to adopting Jumbo, and someone swooped in and got him first.  Anyway, we were so impressed by the good work that Sherree does, that we made a donation.  This is when we realized how much good the rescue groups do, and we decided to do what we could to support them.  

If you love rescue stories, go to Sherree's site and read some of her stories.  We just love these small rescues and the work they do - the rescue world has many people like Sherree, people with hearts of gold who against all common sense spend more money than they can afford and enormous amounts of time, energy and emotion to save otherwise doomed dogs!