Sunday, November 28, 2010


Update:  Supported by the donations from the Doomed Dogs, Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta pulled Peanut from the kill shelter just in time and placed him with a foster family!
This is Peanut, a Great Pyrenees in a little kill shelter in rural Georgia. Today I was forwarded this email from the shelter:

"This boy has been at the shelter now for two weeks and is begining to become kennel crazy. If he responds negativly the shelter will be forced to put him down. Pyrs are not good when kept in small crowded kennels at shetlers. Can anyone help this boy ASAP."

I contacted Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta and offered to sponsor him if they would take him. They quickly said "yes" because, the wonderful people they are, they seem always willing to step up in an emergency.

We have until Monday to raise $125 to get Peanut out of the kill shelter. Please donate $5-$25 to GPRA at

You can donate by check, credit card or Paypal and your donation should be tax deductible. Please specify that your donation is for Peanut and comment below so we can keep track. 

Thanks - your donations make a life-or-death difference to these dogs!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Update:  Lady was pulled from the shelter by the wonderful people at Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta with the support of our donations and put into foster care.
This is Lady, the unfortunate Pyr used as a breeding machine for a puppy mill in Missouri. We raised $35 for her last week, but we need another $65 to sponsor her acceptance with Great Pyr Rescue of Atlanta. 

Here's her story from a Pyr rescuer: "a three year old pyr that a breeder said they were going to stop feeding b/c she isn't producing pups (her last litter only consisted of two still borns). You can imagine how this disgusts all of us that love animals, and the rescue doesn't have anyone to take her." 

Lady's case is doubly confusing because originally we were raising money to enable NC Coastal Pyr to rescue her - but they have been overwhelmed by an influx of a lot of sick King Charles Cavaliers from a puppy mill, so they can't take her. GPRA has agreed to take her. GPRA changed her name to Emily (not the same Emily that is going to Colorado). Anyway, our donations will enable GPRA to take her on and pay some of her medical expenses.

Please help raise the remaining $65 for her by making a tax deductible donation of $5 to $25 on the GPRA site with a credit card or Paypal or by sending them a check:


Monday, November 22, 2010


Update:  Emily was saved by National Great Pyrenees Rescue Oklahoma with the support of our donations.  She is now in foster care with a large Pyr rescue in Colorado.
This sweet baby girl is Emily - a gorgeous one-year-old Great Pyrenees. She and four of her brothers were running loose in rural Oklahoma. One brother was hit by a car and killed. One brother was taken by a rescue. Emily and two of her brothers were taken temporarily by a woman with a heart of gold in OK. A rescue in CO has agreed to take them, but only if they can be boarded for a couple of weeks and given their shots. The wonderful lady that is keeping them temporarily can't keep them at home and has to put them in boarding - but how to pay for it?

Several groups have been trying to raise money for them, but there isn't enough. Could you please help me raise $150 to get Emily her shots, board her and send her to rescue in Colorado?

If you can give $5 to $25, please go to the National Pyr Rescue site at You can use Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account - you can use a credit card). If you do give, please comment below so we can keep track.

Thanks very much!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Did You Know? The Rescue Song

To all the loyal supporters of the Doomed Dogs Rescue Club, here's a song from Oklahoma rescuer, Stephanie Powell.  You should feel good knowing you are the kind of person that wouldn't ignore a helpless stray!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This chipper little guy is Newton. He is a pal of Yanni's and they were both scheduled to be killed at the Gaffney Shelter this week. The rescue that is taking Yanni agreed to take Newton, too, because of our pledges - sort of a two-for-one deal! Our money will go to boarding the dogs for a couple of weeks and for some of their medical bills.


This is Yanni. He was in the Gaffney, SC kill shelter and had about a week to live. We provided funds for the Cherokee Humane Society to take him from the shelter and board him until they find a rescue to take him.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Update:  We raised $200 in pledges for Pickles and paid for a week's boarding.  He eventually settled down, but it became clear that he has vision problems.  He was transferred to a big rescue in Colorado, Big Dogs Huge Paws.  They have the resources to give him the care he needs and hopefully find him a forever home.

This is Pickles. He is another one of the Berryville 6, two of whom we helped save a couple of weeks ago. They are the ones whose owner was threatening to shoot because her house was being foreclosed upon.

Pickles is an absolutely gorgeous Great Pyr or Pyr/Akbash mix that is just 10 months old.

He is in a terrible situation. The rescue that took him can't handle him. This is from an email I received from the rescue: 

"I can normally handle anything, but I am just over the edge. I will be totally honest. Pickles (he was called Cry Baby by the Berryville lady) most likely has vision problems. Shelley (Dogs Only) who took Cujo, the brother is sure Cujo does. I was going to get his eyes checked, but I just don't have the money. We think bad vision is why both these pups are insecure and bark all night. I leave all the outside lights on all night and it helps, but not solved. He's half Pyr, what can I say! Sherman, his daddy, has an adopter coming Friday. I know Pickles will have to be in a VERY secure place after Sherman leaves. He will still have Leo, that he came with, but Pickles wants both with him. I hate the thought of boarding him, but worse, the thought of him getting out, letting Leo out and them getting shot by one of these trigger happy farmers around here.

When I got back from dropping off Sherman to be neutered, Pickles had moved the kennel panels in 3 feet and bent one at an almost 45 degree angle. He escaped but never left the property. I had to hire someone to come put everything back and secure it. When I took Sherman up to the house yesterday, Pickles tugged until he got the gate open. I had it double latched and a bungy cord, but he managed to still open the gate. He and Leo were gone. Took several hours before they returned. Sherman had his stitches out this morning. I closed Pickles in the shop so he would not get away. He managed to make it look like a cyclone had passed through. He was in with another dog who has lived in there for over a year, so figured she would keep him occupied. Wrong.

Pickles has had no vetting. I have given him the DHLP/Parvo and wormed him and Comfortis for fleas. One of the 3 has pretty loose stool so have all 3 on metronitazole. Sherman was HW negative, so with Pickles only being 10 months old and Shermans son, I'd be pretty certain he is negative also. He weighs about 60 pounds. He has double dews. His stance is not Pyr and neither is his head, but muzzle is similar along with coat.

I will do what ever I can to get this boy moved to a safe place where he will get what he needs to become adoptable. If a condition is neuter, then I will manage it. I am willing to help with transport up to 125 miles one way. I care about this pup, but my priority has to be with my husband. "

I told the rescue I would pay for boarding while we worked on finding another rescue to help him. So they put him in boarding yesterday. I received another email today:

"Well, one night in boarding and he has been kicked out! Got the call this morning after less then 18 hours there. Tore up 3 water containers, 2 heavy masonite panels used to keep dogs from seeing each other and somehow managed to get his food bowl into the next kennel. No way would it fit under so he had to of slung it over 6' high. Tearing up the water would not be an issue except that the water then freezes on the concrete so he had to be moved to the next kennel. That is how he managed to tear up 2 panels. I'll get the bill for damages Tuesday. 

Pickles must have been in total hysteria. I feel so sorry for him. He is just so scared. He came right to me when he heard my voice. He is back with Leo and so far settled down. I need to go get some more landscape timbers and cut some rebar to secure the fence before night or he will be letting them both out. So far he has not eaten through the chain link. Just torn it loose from the frame or drug it several feet in with his teeth, then went under. He needs someone who understands the needs of a blind dog and I am totally inadequate."

I don't have a rescue to take him yet, but I think this is a really bad situation. Obviously, she can't handle him. I don't know if he has vision problems or not - but I want her to get him to a vet.

I'd like to raise a dowry for him of $200 - maybe then I can find a rescue to rescue him from the situation he is in.

Please help by pledging $5-$25 to save Pickles. There's no one to contribute to yet - but with a dowry and some luck I think we can find a place to take him in.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mary Jane and Missy

Update:  The Doomed Dogs came through with sponsorship money for these poor dogs.  I was in Tulsa this past weekend and I went by to visit Missy and Mary Jane at their new foster home. The foster parents are very nice, caring people. These poor dogs have been through a terrible experience and are still very fearful. It is going to take a lot of love and stability to make these dogs whole. Anyway, I wish you all could have been there to see what good our donations do for these poor, helpless creatures.
It started with the following message from a Great Pyr rescuer in Arkansas:
"We have a woman in Berryville [Arkansas] approximately 1 hr from here threatening to shoot her 6 dogs (pyrs and pyr mixes) some or spayed some are not by Mon. if someone does not take them but without a place to take them what next??? The woman is stressed out due to foreclosure on her home by 5:00 p.m. on Monday. There is no shelter or rescue or humane society anywhere near her."

Various rescues scrambled to save the dogs.

Doomed Dogs sponsored two of them with this post:

These are Mary Jane and Missy, the remaining two dogs from the lady in Berryville, AR that was going to shoot her six dogs when her house was foreclosed upon Monday (see the earlier post). All the dogs were saved by heroic efforts of several rescues. The person that spearheaded the effort was Alissa from NGPR Arkansas, a lady with a heart of gold who never gives up. Here is a message (and a plea) from Alissa:

"We got them to boarding safety in Maumelle, AR (8 hrs round trip) last night well after the facility closed. Thanks to Jennifer for letting us in sooo late. A rescue in Little Rock is taking Cujo the male today and paying for the vaccines and rabies for all 3 Thanks Shelley. A foster in Tulsa OK (Thanks to the OK crew)will be taking the momma (Mary Jane) and female pup (Missy). We physically can't meet them before Thursday. So that means 3 nights of boarding and a bath/nail clip for each. Totaling $95.00. The trip to meet the foster halfway is 9 hrs. We aren't asking for anything for ourselves but could someone please help with the boarding/bathing bill? If so, please go to National under donations and please specify Berryville dogs Mary Jane and Missy. The donations will be tax deductible, any amount will help.

I wouldn't spend the extra money for bathing but they are poopy from being in a poopy pen their entire lives and I just couldn't do that to the foster in OK. Sorry to ask but we are spending a significant amount on gas to move these scared babies to safety.

NGPR Arkansas

Could you please help Alissa with these dogs with a contribution of $5-$25? If so, please go to

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Update:  The Doomed Dogs raised pledges for the money to spring Lyric from the kill shelter, but the day she was to be pulled (also the day he was supposed to be killed), his owners showed up and claimed him.  The perfect result!
Meet Lyric. She is an inmate on death row at the Gaffeny, SC shelter. 
The Gaffney shelter, as I know from bitter experience, does not kid around with the death dates - if they say tomorrow, they mean tomorrow.

They say she is very sweet - and she sure is a cutie!

The caring people at the Cherokee Humane Society are talking to a couple of rescues about taking her, but no one has committed, in part because they do not know yet if she is heartworm positive.

I think if we could commit to some money for her, it might make her more attractive to the rescues (if she is HW+, then the vet bills can be $500 or more).

Could you please help me create a "dowry" for her? If we could get pledges of $125 for her, we will really increase her chances of getting one of the rescues to commit to taking her today or tomorrow.

I will pledge $25 - please let me know if you can pledge $5-$25 to help. This is just a pledge for now - no need to make actually make a contribution until we know someone will take her.

Thanks for your help!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Meet Wally, a handsome, sweet Lab-Boxer puppy, approximately one-year-old.  We found Wally as a stray in Tulsa, OK in the middle of rainstorm, soaking wet, hungry and fearful of people.  We put him in boarding while we scrambled to find a rescue to take him.  Finally, a wonderful rescue in Tulsa, the Underdog American Pit Bull Sanctuary, took him.  He is now in a foster home, looking for a permanent family.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Update:  As we were raising money for Lady, Coastal NC GPR was overwhelmed by a load of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and arranged for Great Pyr Rescue Atlanta to take Lady.  Her name was changed to Emily and we sponsored her with GPRA.

 Our newest project is Lady, a 3-year old Pyr in MO. Here's her story from Coastal NC Pyrenees Rescue:

"I just received a call from a rescue in GA who is going to pick up a bunch of puppy mill dogs in Missourri and will be back Sunday. They have mostly small dogs, but have a three year old pyr that a breeder said they were going to stop feeding b/c she isn't producing pups (her last litter only consisted of two still borns). You can imagine how this disgusts all of us that love animals, and the rescue doesn't have anyone to take her."

Even though they are completely overloaded already (as are all Pyr rescues in the South), NC Coastal will take Lady and put her into foster. A $150 from us will enable them to afford to take her.

Please contribute $5-$25 to save Lady at the rescue's website:

Contributions should be tax deductible - when you contribute, please note that the contribution is for Lady and comment below to help us keep track.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Update:  Tim was rescued with the support of our contributions.  He is now with a foster family in Arkansas.
Meet Tim, our next project. Tim is a beautiful Great Pyrenees in a bad situation. He was found as as stray in a trailer park in Wilburton, OK a week ago. He went to the local pound and given 10 days to be adopted or claimed. At the end of that time, he is to be PTS (shelter jargon for "put to sleep"). Coincidentally, a group of us were in the process of helping Alissa Hale (who works with National Pyr Rescue), rescue another Pyr from the same shelter when he came in. Alissa agreed to take Tim out of the shelter and move him to Arkansas to safety, but she needs help to pay for vetting, transport and boarding. Rescue legend Wyvonnia committed to pay for part of his costs and I told Alissa the DDRC could probably come up with $100. 

Please help raise the $100 Tim needs by contributing $5 to $25 to National Pyr Rescue at

Please specify the donation is for Tim and post here so we can keep track.

Thanks for helping save this beautiful giant!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Nova was scheduled to be put down on November 4 at the county animal shelter in Gaffney, SC. Doomed Dogs Rescue arranged to sponsor him with the Cherokee County Humane Society.  We donated $75 in the nick of time, and Nova was pulled from the shelter on the last day. Nova had some medical issues.  Here is what the Humane Society told us:  "I wanted to let you all know the status on Nova.  At the shelter he was keeping the weight off his right front foot, so they thought he was injured.   While he was boarding at Cherokee County Animal Hospital, they started him on antibiotics with no response.  Yesterday he was taken to Piedmont (where most of our surgeries, etc. are done) and they determined that he has ulnar nerve damage.  He holds that leg up because he has no feeling in it. 

The good news is that unlike other types of nerve damage in which the animal drags the paw or leg, causing extreme tissue damage and requiring amputation, this is not what Nova has.  He will not be walking on that leg, and will effectively function like a 3-legged dog, but should have no further complications.  This is probably caused by some early injury, as he has adapted quite well to the disability.

On the positive side, he has a beautiful mid-length coat with shades of tan and black.  Nova, like his sister Twilight (who was adopted), is a little shy, but very sweet.  He will make someone a loving and loyal pet."

The Humane Society soon found a rescue group to take Nova.  

You can find the wonderful people of the Cherokee Humane Society at

You can find the Doomed Dogs Rescue Club on Facebook at

If you would like to know what is happening behind the scenes at Doomed Dogs, follow us on Twitter at!/doomeddogs


Update:  Coastal NC Great Pyr Rescue pulled Tiny from the kill shelter with our support.  He is now in foster in North Carolina and would love to find a forever home!
This is Tiny, a Great Pyrenees in a kill shelter, the Beaufort County Animal Control in Washington, NC, (yes, sometimes Pyrs can have these "badger" markings!) 
Although they are completely full, NC Coastal Pyrenees Rescue has agreed to rescue Tiny with our support (the lady in charge of the rescue said she would foster him herself). It will only cost us $95 to sponsor him (things are cheaper in rural areas!) If you can, please donate $5-$25 by Paypal on the NC Coastal Rescue website above. Please add a comment below if you contribute so we can keep track. Thanks to all of you for supporting these poor dogs!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is Sirena,  a beautiful Great Pyrenees that was in a kill shelter in rural GA. We contacted Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta and they agreed to rescue Sirena. We have worked with GPRA several times before - they are a wonderful group of people and they save a lot of dogs. We promised GPRA we would sponsor Sirena for $150, which we did.  GPRA pulled Sirena from the kill shelter, found a foster home for her, and then found her a forever family!

You can find our friends at GPRA here:

You can find the Doomed Dogs Rescue Club on Facebook at

If you would like to know what is happening behind the scenes at Doomed Dogs, follow us on Twitter at!/doomeddogs

Monday, November 1, 2010


This is Boomer.  Boomer was a Great Pyrenees in the Duplin County Animal Control shelter in Kenansville, NC. Unfortunately, this is a kill shelter so Boomer had only a few days left. North Carolina Coastal Pyrenees Rescue said they would take him  if we would sponsor him. We quickly got pledges from our members for $150 and NCCPR committed to take him from the shelter, but before NCCPR could pull him, we all had a pleasant 
surprise.  Boomer was adopted from the shelter!

You can find the wonderful people of the North Carolina Coastal North Carolina Rescue at

You can find the Doomed Dogs Rescue Club on Facebook at

If you would like to know what is happening behind the scenes at Doomed Dogs, follow us on Twitter at!/doomeddogs