Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Please see the plea below from Caring Hearts Rescue:

 Poor Sam needs our help! Sam was rescued from a shelter where he was dumped. Sam is a 9 year old 28 pound Shih Tzu. You can see the HUGE tumor hanging from his ear! (First photo from left) He was in horrible condition and when no one else stepped up to help him our volunteers jumped into action to bring this sweetie into a foster home. We took him into the Vet to have him checked out and found the following conditions- Sam's bladder is filled with stones! Sam has severe dental disease and will most likely need most of his teeth removed. He has a heart murmur most likely related to the poor condition of his teeth. Sam's lymph nodes were enlarged so our doctor did a LYME test to find him infected.Sam eyes are infected and he also has a dry eye condition needing medications. Sam has a very large tumor hanging from his ear needing to be removed. All of these conditions have been going on for some time and poor Sam has suffered because of it. I know that the enormity of his conditions seems like a lot to undertake, but we knew going into rescuing him that we were up to the challenge. We see a checklist of ailments we can fix to bring this sweet boy to a pain free point in his life. We've already completed the following test: blood chemistry, urinalysis, lyme test, eye stain, tear test, x-rays, fecal test and ear test. The doctor determined we can free Sam from his current painful condition and bring him to a point where he can live his life comfortable and free from pain. Sam is currently taking antibiotics and pain meds while he gains his strength to prepare him for the major surgeries he needs. With your help, we can take Sam in for Bladder Stone Surgery, Tumor removal and removal of all his infected teeth, which was determined to be most of his teeth. We're hoping to have raised enough money to get him into surgery soon!! Please, consider helping with Sam's surgery! Getting Sam to a point where we can show you photos of his care once he's pain free will be an amazing achievement towards saving a loving dog with so much potential. Thank you so much for helping this sweetheart! Tax Deductable Donations can be made here at the Chip In or at the address below. Caring Hearts Rescue is a 501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue. THANK YOU for saving Sam!!! Mailing address for donations-Mailing Address: Caring Hearts Rescue P.O. Box 6592 Springfield, Va. 22150.