Thursday, October 11, 2012


Could you please help save Carly?

My name’s Carly, and I was walking the streets of Coweta County, GA, begging for food and water,  looking for any decent shelter. Then someone found me and took me in.  But just when I thought I was safe they broke my heart again and dumped me at the kill shelter.

You see, the vet told them that I tested positive for Heartworms and that the treatment would cost a lot of money – money they didn’t have. So there I sat, with my life on the line, until at last my true angels came along. With the agreement of you wonderful people at the Doomed Dogs Rescue Club to provide money for sponsorship, Linda Palermo and her group, TenderHeart Rescue, saved my life.  Can you help them get me back on my feet and get the treatment I need? Even a $1 makes a difference to me. I Pyrsonally thank you for helping me and this wonderful rescue!