Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SOS Puppy Rescue

Email to our group from rescue angel Connie Guthrie:

Hi Michael and Friends,
We just got home tonight from transporting to Wisconsin Humane Society.

We transported 23 puppies, l mom and her 6 babies (picture was sent to you), 24 adults 4 - 6 month old puppies.

They were overjoyed in Wisconsin to see these Oklahoma beauties.

We HAVE to do another transport on December 10, 2012.

Wisconsin and our Chicago friends wants us to bring up at least 50 of our adults. We also have another 25 puppies for this transport.

PLEASE remember us. We will be taking the mini bus and gas for it is more costly.
Mom and pups from an earlier trip.

The trip to Wisconsin from our home is 15 hours.  We went 900 miles one way. That is 180 gallons of gas for the mini bus.

The trip this week was 1700 miles up and back. Gas for the trip was 120 gallons.

We are so concerned about the weather up north. So this may be the last trip for quite a while.  Any and all dogs that can make this trip is so important for their chance for a home for the holidays.

Dave and me want to wish all a happy Thanksgiving.

Connie Sue Guthrie President
Save Our Strays, Inc.

The Doomed Dogs Rescue Club has supported the blessed mission of Dave and Connie by donating gas money to help pay for their transport trips.  We have helped save hundreds of puppies in this way.

Please help us help them to continue to save these precious lives!  With over a thousand members of our club, even a small donation by a bunch of us can make a life-or-death difference to these puppies.

Could you please help by chipping in a little?  A $5 donation is enough for the gas to transport one puppy to safety.

Your donations literally make the difference as to whether there is enough gas money for these trips to happen or not and whether these dogs live or die- thanks for your support!.