Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Save Some Puppies for the Holidays!

You can save a puppy's life for just $5!  Please help us raise $300 to help save over 60 dogs in the last pre-holiday transport mission.

Email to our group from rescue angel Connie Guthrie:

Dear Michael and Friends,

What a wonderful way to end the year 2012 with lives being saved.

These puppies are among 30 that need to make the transport for December 22. And you can bet they will have a home for Christmas.

Along with these 30 puppies, we have l mom and her 8 puppies 3 days old, another 22 adults will get their chance too.

Dave and me want to thank each one of you. Without YOU these transport trips would not have been made, and lives would have not of been saved.

God Bless each one of you, and Merry Christmas.

With God's blessing we will be on the road Christmas Eve.  Coming back knowing all of these precious souls will have their forever home this Christmas.

Connie Sue Guthrie President
Save Our Strays, Inc.

The Doomed Dogs Rescue Club has supported the blessed mission of Dave and Connie by donating gas money to help pay for their transport trips.  We have helped save hundreds of puppies in this way.

Please help us help them to continue to save these precious lives!  With over a thousand members of our club, even a small donation by a bunch of us can make a life-or-death difference to these puppies.

Could you please help by chipping in a little?  A $5 donation is enough for the gas to transport one puppy to safety.

Your donations literally make the difference as to whether there is enough gas money for these trips to happen or not and whether these dogs live or die- thanks for your support!.