Monday, January 21, 2013

Gretchen and Pups

One of the best and most active rescuers of Great Pyrenees in the country is Leslie Sampson of LoneStar Pyrs & Paws-North.  Leslie has a wonderful organization up in New Hampshire and her group takes loads of GPs from the South, fosters them and finds them good homes.

We haven't sponsored many dogs for LoneStar North, because Leslie only asks for help if they really need it.

Well, they are asking for help to save Gretchen and her puppies.

Gretchen made the mistake of getting pregnant (as if it were her fault she was never spayed) and got dumped in a kill shelter with her puppies in New York.  I guess her irresponsible owner just couldn't deal with the hassle, so he throws his pet (and her babies) to be killed.

Lucky for Gretchen, Leslie agreed to take them all with our sponsorship.

Please chip in to help save these dogs!

Our donations will go directly to LoneStar Pyrs & Paws - North and be used for vetting and feeding these beautiful dogs.