Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maltese Emergency

Do you love little Malteses?  Who doesn't?  There are a bunch of these little babies in trouble and our friends at Caring Hearts Rescue have asked for our help - here's an email that explains the emergency:

I’m hoping you can help me with a plea I need for some Maltese Breeding dogs taken in.
All have very bad dental disease, skin infections, Mammary tumors, hernias and none are altered or have shots/hw tested.  A big mess!  I attached some pics and more links below.  Thank you for all your help!

Help Needed for Maltese Rescued from Backyard Breeder!
  We recently rescued neglected Maltese from a Backyard Breeder in Maryland.  Many are seniors.  The owner of the kennel had passed away.   Sadly, all of the dogs are in poor condition.  Several of the dogs were taken in by other Rescues.  The dogs we have all need medical attention very soon!!!   Most of dogs have very bad dental disease, heart murmur, mammary tumors, hernias, skin infections, and no record of vaccines.   They need to be placed on antibiotics ASAP with blood work and extra diagnostics for the older ones. All will have to be spayed and neutered.  We’re estimating the cost to be around $1900+ for the diagnostics, dentals and surgeries without any new surprises added on.

The dogs were living in pens in the backyard of the Breeder’s home.   All were infested with fleas and ticks.  It was a long day of driving , bathing and picking off ticks to finally bring these sweeties to a comfortable resting place on a soft bed. They will never again suffer like this.  Please, take a look at the link to the images to see the condition before and after their rescue.  With your help we can get them into surgery asap! We’re taking in so many needy ones lately. We can’t thank you enough for all your help! These precious dogs that were rescued thank you too!

CHR is a 501c3 organization so you donation is tax deductable."