Friday, July 20, 2012

Oklahoma Emergency!

Emergency email from Connie - things are really awful in OK and AR - please help if you can.  Thanks!

Hi Michael and Friends,
We are in urgent need here in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I have sent out SOS to everyone to please help us. This mom and puppies were going to be killed, but I pulled them until I can transport them next week to Chicago, the 25th.

I no more got these home and got a urgent phone call from Shana with her rescue in Arkansas. Someone had dropped off a mange chocolate lab mom and 11 puppies. Because she has to keep all outside, I will have to bring them to my place.

Dave left tonight with a emergency transport from Shana. She has so many way over 100. Tails Humane Society came down this week to help me.

They are still here and will be leaving tomorrow morning with 45. Dave took 28.

It is going to be 108 tomorrow. We are in trouble.

We are trying to transport these precious souls out as fast as we can.

One rescue person had a fire 3 weeks ago. She lost everything. I transported 29 of her puppies and dogs to Chicago. The other 8 are coming here tomorrow because of the heat.

Please tell everyone thank you for ALL the support. We could not of done what we have so far with the transports.

We will need help for the New York transport. 20 will be making that trip on August 12th.

Please share. With the high temperatures, many who rescue in Oklahoma and Arkanasas are pushed way beyond what they can do. Please, HELP.

This is just a small example of animals needing homes. These will be killed Friday. We will transport them if anyone will take them. There are many others at Shana's Last Chance Rescue in Van Buren, Arkansas dying in the heat that we will transport for her. We transport to Chicago usually weekly but need other outlets for these homeless animals. Please help if you can.  Thank you.

Connie Sue Guthrie President
Save Our Strays, Inc.Connie and Dave regularly drive around and pick up doomed dogs from shelters in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri and take them to rescues in Minnesota, Illinois and New York. These dogs would likely be put to sleep if not for them. Your donations literally make the difference as to whether there is enough gas money for these trips to happen or not and whether these dogs live or die- thanks for your support!

All donations go directly from Paypal to Save Our Strays, a 501(c)(3) charity, and are tax-deductible.