Saturday, April 9, 2011


Could you give $5 to help save this girl's life?

Please chip in at

This is Keesha, a young pit bull mix.  She was dumped at a kill shelter in rural South Carolina along with her 5 puppies. As is true in many neglect cases, she was emaciated, as she literally gave her body's life to nourish her puppies.

Unfortunately, Keesha is heartworm positive, an expensive condition to treat.

Luckily, with our sponsorship for part of her medical bills, the Cherokee County Humane Society pulled her and found a rescue to take her and the puppies!   If not for you and your wonderful support of these doomed dogs, she would be dead in that shelter already. Because of your donations, she and her puppies will instead eventually find a good home.

All donations go directly from Paypal to the Cherokee County Humane Society, a 501(c)(3) charity, and are tax-deductible. Please chip in - together we can save this one and many more!

Want to adopt?  Please contact in South Carolina.